Client Testimonials

Sound Construction Inc has the privilege of building world class products for some of the biggest names in the business, This is just some of the testimonials we get.

The IsoBox is an instant machine room. For project facilities, or anywhere that rack-mount equipment needs to be cool and quiet, this is the only choice. And because it’s finely crafted furniture, it’s not an eyesore in the control room. Fabulous!

Michael W. Smith

It’s virtually impossible to work in a digital studio without the IsoBox.

Steve Vai

In the past, I moved the noisiest gear, the stuff I needed the most, out of the room. The IsoBox lets me just remove the noise.

Matt Knobel

I’m one of those people who can never seem to adjust to the constant sound of “hums” that come from internal fans on computers and drives. Over time they begin to drive me nuts.

The IsoBox is essential for me to be able to function in my studio.

Danny Elfman

Besides from looking cool and getting to impress people that desk goes up and down, practically for me it’s that I stand for more hours and I’m siting. I do this when I’m editing, doing mix-prep, any of the things that I don’t need to be necessarily in a very controlled situation. I can move around a little bit and this is done wonders on both my overall mood how my back feels at the end of the day. My overall health, I feel more active. I feel more engaged. All of it has translated to my music too. I can’t say enough about Sound Construction & Supply!

Josh Gleave

The Signature 24 desk feels and looks great. The angle of the outboard gear is ideal for quick and comfortable access. I particularly love the hollow legs and side cavities; they allow me to run cables neatly and conceal power supplies. I can utilize the center section for whatever my project needs, whether it be a midi controller, console, or control surface. The low-profile form doesn’t crowd a small control room, but the solid workmanship and design make it a striking centerpiece.

Shani Gandhi

When I decided to finally build a personal mix room, I wanted it to have the feel of a big, expensive studio…the kind I am used to working in. Todd and Sound Construction built me an unbelievably beautiful and functional desk for my console, and quiet, temperature controlled racks for my computers. I can put my feet up on that baby and feel like I am working at the most expensive studio in the world.

Ed Cherney

The IsoBox is a godsend with today’s computer workstations and pro audio gear with it’s noisy fans. The equipment no longer defines the acoustic noise floor of my studio.

Tom Jung

I have used Sound Construction’s products for many years because the quality is always top notch. They have just built me the coolest IsoBox for my new Mac Pro.

Peter Frampton

As soon as I saw the Sound Construction photos online, I knew that having this company’s console furniture in my studio would be perfectly functional, incredibly sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and easy to install. The workmanship is beautiful and it raised the look of my control room to pro level.

Rich Pagano

Dude, I got the box and the thing is sick… F#@*#!n’ Killer!!!! If you don’t know… now you know… Room temp is set at 72 degrees. The Isobox with everything on fluctuates from 75 to 92 degrees. (Brilliant)…

Brian Mantia

Todd Beeten’s Sound Construction is the gold standard of studio furniture. High quality materials and finishes, terrific workmanship, and beautiful (and functional!) designs make their consoles and workstations more than just great furniture – they are works of art.

My studio needs to be an efficient and inspirational work space, and Todd’s furniture is one big reason that it is. Since I spend the bulk of my waking life here, I suppose it better be!

Thanks a ton, Todd!

Sheldon Mirowitz

Because of the way I work in 5.1 surround, a straight line console format just wasn’t ergonomically sound. The wing series Custom Console allows me to stay focused because I don’t have to leave the sweet spot.

Elliot Scheiner

Sometimes I like to cut vocals in the control room. The IsoBox allows me to get what I need without sacrificing quality.

Phil Ramone

The IsoBox is so quiet. Vocals and hard drives in the same room, what a concept!

Gary Carolla

The IsoBox is a must for anyone using a computer in the same room where they are monitoring audio. The IsoBox is a portable machine room in the control room! Silence is golden, thanks to the IsoBox.

David Frangioni