Terms of Agreement

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is important to us. To ensure order accuracy and customer satisfaction, we advise the procedures detailed in our Terms of Agreement.  All of our products are made to order, with your choice of wood trim, and logistics also prevent most items from being returned. Due to this custom nature of our products, once the order is placed and deposit is received, all sales are final.


Our sales associates will be glad to guide our customers through the ordering process and answer any questions about the products options. Custom studio furniture orders will have many details to coordinate in the design process. When placing a custom order, please provide all of the appropriate personal contact information to maintain good communications.

Our sales associates are accessible by phone or email.

Monday – Friday
9:00am – 5pm CST

(888) 580-9188 Toll Free
(615) 226-5150 Local

sales@soundconstructionsupply.com Email


Your furniture is made to order by hand in Nashville, TN. Due to the amount of options available for even our standard pieces, all of our furniture is built after we receive your order, we do not keep stock. Beyond the standard items we offer online, we can often accommodate small changes to a standard design, crafting a made-to-order piece for your needs. Thirdly, we can design and build a completely custom project, unique to your needs.
Each of these three types of orders has its own process and therefore, its own projected ship-date expectation:
1.) Standard piece: This piece of furniture has already been designed. These are still built after we receive your order, but no design time is needed.
Once you place the order and provide payment details, it goes into our production queue, and we can project a realistic time frame for shipping your furniture. Typical time frames for a standard piece are up to 3 weeks for a rack or IsoBox, and up to 4-5 weeks for a desk.

2.) Made-to-Order piece: This piece of furniture is based on a standard design, but you have requested a small change, or a custom finish. This change will involve a redesign, including creating a diagram that will be sent to you for approval, before we are able to project a ship date. This design and approval time will increase the timeframe, and will add to the price.
When you request a made-to-order piece, we will contact you with a quote estimate that includes the increased cost (for redesign and materials).
Once you place a 50% deposit, we will start the redesign process and send you a diagram to approve.
Only after we receive final approval, can we put the order into the production queue, and project a ship date timeframe on your sales order confirmation.

3.) Custom Design piece: This piece of furniture is unique to your needs, and therefore has no template or existing designs. This piece must be designed, engineered, prototyped and built based on consultations and adjustments by and for you.
Your custom project must be accepted in order to be allowed to place a deposit and be in-line for production.
Email us a sketch of your idea, and if we accept the project concept, we will provide a cost estimate.
Put down a 50% deposit on the order, and we place your order in the queue for a design diagram.
When you receive the diagram, please review it and address any questions or changes needed.
Only after we receive final approval, after any changes have been made, can we put your order into the build schedule, and only then can we can project a ship date (typically 4-6 weeks from that point).

*If the projected ship date is too soon for you to receive the item, please let us know so we can move it further out on our schedule, as we are not able to store your order.

*For any orders requesting a stain match, you must send us a sample piece to match to. Once we receive your sample, we can then prepare a sample match, as soon as possible, to mail to you for approval. This process adds time to your project due to the time to prepare the sample, and the mail transit both ways. After we receive the final approval on both the stain match and the diagram, we can then put your order in the build schedule and project a ship date.

FedEx Freight deliveries are estimated at 2 to 6 business days, depending on buyer’s location.

If you have time-sensitive need, please give us a call before ordering.

Shipping & Insurance


We will communicate with our customers to coordinate deliver schedules. Upon taking delivery, it is important that the customer inspect the packages and shipping materials for damage BEFORE accepting the shipment from the shipper. Once you agree to receive a package it legally becomes your property and shipper insurance policies no longer apply.

Shipping insurance is included with all FedEx shipping purchases to offset unexpected costs if any damages occur during shipping.

Damaged Goods

In the event of shipping damages, DO NOT accept damaged packages from the shipper. Once you agree to receive a package it legally becomes your property and shipper insurance policies no longer apply. Please call our sales associates who will be glad to advise the appropriate steps to be taken.

Local Pickups

Free Local Pickups are excluded from shipping and transportation damage insurance offers. Items purchased for local pickup will become the buyers property upon loading.  Buyers will assume all costs and transportation liability when purchases are designated for Free Local Pickup. Buyers should consult their Auto Insurance or Truck Rental Policies before utilizing Free Local Pickup offers. Sound Construction & Supply. cannot be held responsible for purchased items nor vehicle damages occurring during Buyer arranged transportation and delivery.