Studio Desks

SCS hand build professional-grade studio desks using real hardwoods for use in recording studios, control rooms, broadcasting studios, machine rooms, post production and film composition suites, houses of worship, hospitals, board rooms, video conference and wherever professionals need an ergonomic, attractive, and sound proof environment for high end computer workstations.

Choose from one of our popular preconfigured studio desks in our store or contact us for custom desk design options.

Brand Mixers

SCS has standard production models of studio desks for all of the leading desktop audio mixers and fader control surfaces, including Allen & HeathAvid, NeveSSLToft, TridentYamaha and more.

Radius Workstations and Keyboard Desks

Configure your Radius workstation to fit your workflow.  Optional base racks or steel legs, optional top racks and models designed to accommodate nearly every MIDI keyboard controller.

Ed Cherney
When I decided to finally build a personal mix room, I wanted it to have the feel of a big, expensive studio...the kind I am used to working in. Todd and Sound Construction built me an unbelievably beautiful and functional desk for my console, and quiet, temperature controlled racks for my computers. I can put my feet up on that baby and feel like I am working at the most expensive studio in the world.
Shani Gandhi
Grammy Award Winning Engineer
The Signature 24 desk feels and looks great. The angle of the outboard gear is ideal for quick and comfortable access. I particularly love the hollow legs and side cavities; they allow me to run cables neatly and conceal power supplies. I can utilize the center section for whatever my project needs, whether it be a midi controller, console, or control surface. The low-profile form doesn't crowd a small control room, but the solid workmanship and design make it a striking centerpiece.
Rich Pagano endorses SCS Toft Studio Desk
Rich Pagano
NY artist, studio owner, drummer and producer
As soon as I saw the Sound Construction photos online, I knew that having this company's console furniture in my studio would be perfectly functional, incredibly sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and easy to install. The workmanship is beautiful and it raised the look of my control room to pro level.
Elliot Scheiner
Elliot Scheiner
Producer, Mixer and Engineer
Because of the way I work in 5.1 surround, a straight line console format just wasn't ergonomically sound. The wing series Custom Console allows me to stay focused because I don't have to leave the sweet spot.
Sheldon Mirowitz
Sheldon Mirowitz
Film and TV Composer / Verite Music
Todd Beeten's Sound Construction is the gold standard of studio furniture. High quality materials and finishes, terrific workmanship, and beautiful (and functional!) designs make their consoles and workstations more than just great furniture - they are works of art. My studio needs to be an efficient and inspirational work space, and Todd's furniture is one big reason that it is. Since I spend the bulk of my waking life here, I suppose it better be! Thanks a ton, Todd!
Josh Gleave
Josh Gleave
Producer / Engineer
Besides from looking cool and getting to impress people that desk goes up and down, practically for me it's that I stand for more hours and I'm siting. I do this when I'm editing, doing mix-prep, any of the things that I don't need to be necessarily in a very controlled situation. I can move around a little bit and this is done wonders on both my overall mood how my back feels at the end of the day. My overall health, I feel more active. I feel more engaged. All of it has translated to my music too. I can't say enough about Sound Construction & Supply!

Desk Support Options

Our desks are available with different support options to meet your equipment needs. Straight or slanted 12RU studio racks are standard options with most of our studio desks.

Upgrade base support options include our 5RU Mac Pro Rack with sliding computer tray. Most of our studio desks can also be supported by an IsoBox™ which can be configured as 5RU with a sliding computer tray or 12RU for rack mount computer kits.

Woodgrains & Finish Colors

SCS uses real hardwoods which naturally vary in grain and color. Wood Options are: White Oak, Cherry, Maple, Walnut, or Black lacquer on Oak. Contact us to discuss custom finish options.

Radius - Fixed Height

Signature 78


Radius - Fixed Height

Signature 67


Desk Tops

We have a wide range of desk top configurations that include desktop racks and producer desks. Our durable laminated desk tops protect and provide a smooth writing surface for our all wood construction.


Add an optional computer keyboard and mouse tray in matching finish wood trim with ergonomic flexibility of adjustable height. It also conveniently slides under the desk for storage.