Studio Racks

Sound Construction & Supply hand builds Studio Racks from high quality cabinet-grade plywood and hardwood trim, for lasting durability. SCS Studio Racks are a great recording studio furniture solution for rack mount recording equipment.

Floor Racks

Studio racks are available in with straight or slanted faces. SCS standard production models are durable single, double, and triple bay studio racks from 10RU to 22RU floor standing configurations. Custom sizes are available upon request (see below).

SCS Studio Racks are designed with an open front to provide good visibility of studio equipment settings. The rack tops are covered with Graphite Nebula Laminate to protect the studio rack and provide a smooth writing surface. SCS production Studio Racks are supported by hidden 2 1/2″ caster for easy movability. The back is enclosed by a removable vented back panel. The back and sides are coated with a scratch resistant black texture finish. Custom finish colors are available upon request.

Custom Studio Racks

Rack heights over 22RU need special considerations. Custom Studio Rack sizes are supported by hidden sliders for safe movability. Contact our sales associates for a Custom Studio Rack estimate.

Ed Cherney
When I decided to finally build a personal mix room, I wanted it to have the feel of a big, expensive studio...the kind I am used to working in. Todd and Sound Construction built me an unbelievably beautiful and functional desk for my console, and quiet, temperature controlled racks for my computers. I can put my feet up on that baby and feel like I am working at the most expensive studio in the world.
Rich Pagano endorses SCS Toft Studio Desk
As soon as I saw the Sound Construction photos online, I knew that having this company's console furniture in my studio would be perfectly functional, incredibly sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and easy to install. The workmanship is beautiful and it raised the look of my control room to pro level.
Rich Pagano
NY artist, studio owner, drummer and producer
Sheldon Mirowitz
Todd Beeten's Sound Construction is the gold standard of studio furniture. High quality materials and finishes, terrific workmanship, and beautiful (and functional!) designs make their consoles and workstations more than just great furniture - they are works of art. My studio needs to be an efficient and inspirational work space, and Todd's furniture is one big reason that it is. Since I spend the bulk of my waking life here, I suppose it better be! Thanks a ton, Todd!
Sheldon Mirowitz
Film and TV Composer / Verite Music

Low Boys

Low Boy Studio Racks are a great solutions to keep frequently used equipment within reach. SCS standard production model Low Boys are available in 10RU to 16RU sizes.

Lowboy Studio Racks

Lowboy Studio Racks 12RU


Lowboy Studio Racks

Lowboy Studio Racks 14RU


Lowboy Studio Racks

Lowboy Studio Racks 16RU


Portable Racks

Portable Racks have an open front and back design for good equipment visibility and convenient connectivity. The racks are constructed with cabinet grade hardwoods and are coated in a scratch resistant black texture finish. Size are available from 2RU to 8RU.

Desktop Studio Racks

Portable Studio Racks 4RU


Desktop Studio Racks

Portable Studio Racks 6RU


Desktop Studio Racks

Portable Studio Racks 8RU


IsoBox Studio and IsoBox Post

Our patented IsoBox Studio series of sound isolation racks virtually silencing computer fan noise inherent with Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). Our larger IsoBox Post is an effective server rack solution for rack mount computer servers and machine room settings. Each model can be configured with optional sliding computer trays or full length rails for rack mount computer kits.

IsoBox Studio

IsoBox Studio

IsoBox Studio 12RU

From: $2,449.99

IsoBox Studio

IsoBox Studio 16RU

From: $2,649.99

IsoBox Studio

IsoBox Studio 20RU

From: $2,849.99

IsoBox Post

IsoBox Post

IsoBox Post 14RUx38

From: $2,989.99

IsoBox Post

IsoBox Post 14RUx45

From: $3,109.99

IsoBox Post

IsoBox Post 18RUx38

From: $3,449.99

IsoBox Post

IsoBox Post 18RUx45

From: $3,569.99

IsoBox Post

IsoBox Post 24RUx38

From: $3,909.99

IsoBox Post

IsoBox Post 24RUx45

From: $4,029.99

Computer Racks

SCS Computer Racks can be used as movable stand-alone edit desk for digital production workstations. Rack Rails can be configured as four (4RU) or six (6ru) rack unit spaces and include a Sliding Computer Tray which is compatible with Apple G5, Apple Mac Pro, and desktop PC computer towers less than 22.5″ W x 12.25″ H.

Computer Racks

CPU Rack 6RU

From: $919.99