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The ‘Name’ in Studio Desks and Studio Racks

Sound Construction & Supply designs and builds studio desks and studio racks for all of the leading console manufacturers, including API, Avid, SSL, NeveToft, Trident, Tascam, Allen & HeathSlate Raven, and Yamaha.

Our patented IsoBox™ series sound isolation racks were instrumental in pioneering the digital revolution by virtually silencing computer fan noise inherent with Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

Recently, companies including IBM, AMD and Sandia Labs have discovered new ways to put the IsoBox™ Post to good use.

We hand build professional-grade studio desks, studio racks and IsoBox™ for use in recording studios, control rooms, broadcasting studios, machine rooms, post production and film composition suites, houses of worship, hospitals, board rooms, video conference and wherever professionals need an ergonomic, attractive, and sound proof environment for high end computer workstations.

IsoBox Sound Isolation Studio Rack

Today, our critically acclaimed product line is the choice of award-winning professionals worldwide. Our products have been on the cover of Mix Magazine and are used in sound, video, film and television production studios; college classrooms; professional home recording studios; churches; and the computer graphics and gaming industries – virtually everywhere.

Our fully-automated CNC production environment allows us to meet the challenges of the largest installations, while our hand-crafted individually customized approach insures the quality and excellence that is synonymous with the Sound Construction & Supply name.

The seamless flexibility of our furniture integrates well with everything from elegant home recording studios to the multi-room installations of today’s industry leaders.

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Our work is fully guaranteed and you won’t be disappointed.

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