Recording Studio Furniture by Sound Construction & Supply

Sound Construction & Supply designs and builds durable recording studio furniture including studio desksstudio rackslowboys, and the critically acclaimed IsoBox™.

We hand build professional-grade studio desks, studio racks and IsoBox™ using real hardwoods for use in recording studios, control rooms, broadcasting studios, machine rooms, post production and film composition suites, houses of worship, hospitals, board rooms, video conference and wherever professionals need an ergonomic, attractive, and sound proof environment for high end computer workstations. See our custom studio furniture gallery.

SCS continues innovation by advancing modular designs and handmade products that revolutionize productivity and workflow. See our video gallery.

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Featured Products

Avid S6 Studio Desks Cherry

Studio Desks & Keyboard Desks

SCS hand builds studio desks for all of the leading desktop audio mixers and fader control surfaces, including AvidSSLNeveToftTascamAllen & Heath, and Yamaha.

Our keyboard desks fit nearly every 88 key or 61 key MIDI keyboard controller in a retractable tray leaving an open desktop area for small audio mixers and fader control surfaces.

Desk Support Options

Our studio desks are available with different support options to meet your equipment need.  Straight or slanted 12RU studio racks are standard options with most of our studio desks.  Upgraded base support options include our 5RU Mac Pro Rack base with sliding computer tray. Most of our studio desks can also be supported by an IsoBox™ which can be configured as 5RU with a sliding computer tray or 12RU for rack mount computer kits.

With shorter studio desk configurations, we recommend substituting one or two metal leg supports to provide ample leg room underneath.

Desk Tops

We have a wide range of desk top configurations that include desktop racks and producer desks. Our durable laminated desk tops protect and provide a smooth writing surface for our all wood construction.

Woodgrains & Finish Colors

SCS uses real hardwoods which naturally vary in color and grain. Wood finishes are available in Black Stain, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, White Oak, or Walnut Trim.


Add an optional computer keyboard and mouse tray in matching finish wood trim with ergonomic flexibility of adjustable height. It also conveniently slides under the desk for storage.

Choose from one of our popular preconfigured studio desks in our store or contact us for custom desk design options.

Single Bay Straight Studio Racks 12RUx1 Maple

Studio Racks

Floor Racks

Studio racks are available in with straight or slanted faces. SCS uses real hardwoods to construct durable single baydouble bay, and triple bay studio racks from 10RU to 22RU floor standing configurations.

For custom rack sizes from 24RU to 36RU, please contact our sales associates for an estimate.

IsoBox Studio 12RU Maple


IsoBox Studio and IsoBox Post

Our patented IsoBox™ Studio series of sound isolation racks virtually silencing computer fan noise inherent with Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). Our larger IsoBox™ Post is an effective solution for rack mount computer servers and machine room settings. Each model can be configured with optional sliding computer trays or full length rails for rack mount computer kits.

Lowboy Studio Racks Walnut

Lowboy Studio Racks


Our Lowboys are a great option for rack mount studio equipment to keep the gear within reach. Lowboys are available in 10RU, 12RU, 14RU and 16RU sizes.

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Skywalker Sound

SCS Custom Designs

If you need a special or custom recording studio furniture design, we can help you find the right solution for your needs. Sound Construcion & Supply is first in vision, innovation, design and durability. Contact us for an estimate.

Some of our custom recording studio furniture clients include:

Skywalker Sound
Walt Disney Productions
Electronic Arts
The Golf Channel
Georgetown Masters
Sirius Radio
XM Radio
HBO Films
Warner Brothers Records
The Sci-Fi Channel