IsoBox Studio

IsoBox Studio 20RU MapleIsoBox™ sound isolation racks were instrumental in pioneering the digital revolution by virtually silencing computer fan noise inherent with Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

The IsoBox Studio models are supported by 4.5″ casters for easy movability. Shock mount rack rails (front only) help prevent vibrations to sensitive computer equipment. Rack rail heights are available in 12RU, 16ru, and 20RU, rack unit spaces. The door swing is available with Left Door Swing and Right Door Swing factory configurations. The top, back and sides are coated with a scratch resistant black textured finish.

IsoBox Studio 12RUThe IsoBox Studio models are thermostatically controlled dual exhaust fans regulate the interior temperature with a patented microprocessor. A parabolic diffuser provides full wide-band pressure absorption reducing equipment noise up to 29dB at one meter. See the IsoBox Noise Reduction Specifications and FAQs for complete details. An audible and visual alarm warns when heat loads are excessive. A removable electrostatic intake Hepa-filter reduces particles and static electricity inside the cabinet while an echo eliminator all natural cotton sound padding reduces interior noise.

SCS uses real hardwoods which naturally vary in grain and color. Wood finishes are available in Black Stain, Cherry, Maple, White Oak, or Walnut trim. Custom finish colors are available upon request. Contact us to discuss custom finish options.

IsoBox Studio 20RU Maple

Optional Sliding Computer Tray

IsoBox Studio

IsoBox Studio models come standard with full-length rack rails for studio equipment and 19″ rack mount computer kits.  An optional Sliding Computer Tray can be added, which is compatible with Apple G5, Apple Mac Pro, and desktop PC computer towers less than 22.5″ W x 12.25″ H.

Optional IsoBox Top

IsoBox Studio

Add a Rack Top with matching wood trim and Graphite Nebula Laminate which provides a smooth writing surface and protects the the wood finish.