IsoBox Base Support

Add an optional IsoBox Base Support to your studio desk to virtually eliminate equipment noise.  Our patented IsoBox™ series sound isolation racks were instrumental in pioneering the digital revolution by virtually silencing computer fan noise inherent with Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

The IsoBox Base Support is available with a Left Door Swing configuration for placement on the left side of the desk as well as a Right Door Swing  configuration for placement on the right side of the desk.

The IsoBox Base Support come standard with 12RU Rack Rails for 19″ rack mount equipment and rack mount computer kits.  An optional Sliding Computer Tray can be added, which limits the rack rails space to 5RU.

Trident 88-24 Studio Desks Maple


Option Availability

To maintain good foot room clearance, the IsoBox Base Support is not available with all studio desk configurations. With short and compact studio desk models, we recommend the IsoBox™ Studio or IsoBox™ Post as a separate companion piece.